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10 Excellent Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

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Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

The Christmas season is creeping up on us quickly and holiday expenses add up fast. Between gifts, meals, activities, and parties, having extra income available can be helpful to avoid unnecessary financial stress throughout the season. Committing to an extra job isn’t always the best option for earning extra money, but there are plenty of ways to earn for Christmas without having to spare all of your free time. Side gigs are a great way to earn extra money and relieve any financial stress from the joyful season.

Trimming Bills

Trimming your bills is one of the best options to save up for Christmas is to trim your bills. Canceling unneeded subscriptions, reducing spending with lower priced service providers, and avoiding unnecessary spending can add up a lot in the long run. “Trim” is a free service that works to lower monthly bills. They retain a small percentage of the savings, while you keep the rest, in order to put it to use however you’d like.

Delivering for Postmates

Delivering for Postmates is another good way to earn extra money for the holiday season. Postmates is an on-demand delivery app and there are many delivery options available, including alcohol, packages, groceries, prescription medications, and clothes. Working for Postmates allows you to accept orders through the Fleet app, then you can pick up the claimed items and deliver them to the customer.

Postmates allows users to work as often as they’d like and pay is distributed weekly. Payments can also be cashed out instantly if users choose to do so. Couriers for Postmates receive a base pay rate and 100% of the tips are given to the courier. To work for Postmates, you must have a driver’s license, be at least eighteen years old, and pass a background check.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great option for those with multitasking and administrative skills. Virtual assistants help small businesses manage workflow and the position can include anything from social media marketing to project management. This work doesn’t require much technically, so even for those who aren’t as tech savvy, it’s a great option. Working as a virtual assistant is a convenient job that can be done from home, or practically anywhere with a laptop and WIFI connection.

Selling Used Electronics

Selling used electronics is another simple and easy way to earn some extra cash on the side, just in time for the holidays. Electronics can be sold locally using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or BuyBackWorld, which is a top choice for selling used electronics.

Sell Electronics

BuyBackWorld will purchase various items including tablets, phones, cameras, laptops, gaming consoles, and more. When an offer is accepted from BuyBackWorld, they’ll send a shipping label out to you, which then allows you to send them the items. Once the item is received, BuyBackWorld will pay sellers via PayPal or a check.

Complete Tasks on Taskrabbit

Becoming a tasker on a site like Taskrabbit is another amazing side gig opportunity. There are many skills that can be utilized through jobs on Taskrabbit, including mechanical skills or even something as simple as running errands. Taskrabbit allows users to advertise their services online and also allows flexible hours and pay, as users are able to create their schedule and set up their own rates. Pay from Taskrabbit is distributed weekly and taskers keep 100% of their earnings, plus tips.


Babysitting is another, usually easy, way to earn money on the side. As the holiday season approaches, the demand for babysitters increases. Along with parents possibly needing a relaxing break, babysitters are also utilized often for Black Friday and other Christmas shopping. There are plenty of places to advertise babysitting services online, including basic social media posts,, Nextdoor, and even local babysitting groups on Facebook.

Product Testing

Testing products at home is another simple and convenient side hustle for those who need some extra cash. There are various marketing research companies that will pay a decent amount of money in order to learn about opinions on products and services.

Pinecone Research

This provides an easy and legit way to earn extra money on the side. Pinecone Research is a great option for this type of work. Pinecone is a paid survey website that specializes in product testing. Companies will send out their products, you test it, and then complete a survey in order to get paid. This option won’t earn you a ton of extra cash, but it’s a simple way to make an extra bit of spending money.

Wrapping Gifts

Wrapping gifts is something that, although simple, most people don’t enjoy doing. If you do enjoy wrapping presents, you may find it helpful to promote your services locally. There are several stores that offer positions in gift wrapping during the holiday season, but the option to promote your services online would be just as beneficial. For parents with a lot of kids, and even more gifts, or even those who just don’t have the time, these services could be appreciated greatly and utilized by many.

Selling Christmas Related Crafts

Selling Christmas related crafts, such as snow globes, which are incredibly easy to make with the right directions, could also provide extra income on the side. If you aren’t interested in crafting, many stores also open up positions for “Santa” closer to the holidays. If you have the time, and correct disposition, playing Santa could be the perfect way to truly get into the spirit of the holiday.

Other Christmas Related Side Gigs

Other Christmas related side gigs include snow removal, which can be a highly profitable job whether you’re using an actual snow plow, or even just a shovel. Some people are unable to shovel themselves, other’s just prefer to avoid the cold and snow altogether, so promoting a service like snow removal is a good way to earn some extra cash for your holiday expenses.

This list merely scratches the surface of opportunities for easy and convenient side gigs. There are plenty of ways to earn extra money before Christmas, and although some of the options may not be as profitable as others, the income can add up significantly over time. You also have the opportunity to combine multiple side gigs in order to increase your earnings, if your schedule allows it. With a bit of effort, the holiday season can be stress free without debt, allowing you to spend more time focused on what really matters.

Deliver Holiday Packages

Deliver holiday packages. Delivery drivers stay very busy during the holiday season and many companies are looking for holiday help. If you want something consistent (possibly with the opportunity to stay on after the holidays) look at some of the larger companies like UPS. If you want a bit more flexibility, see if Amazon Flex is in your area. You can set your own schedule delivering packages in your local area. Planning a holiday trip? Consider a service like that lets you hook up with people who need items delivered to your destination.

Install Christmas Lights

Install Christmas lights. Are you brave enough to climb a few ladders (or send your husband up one)? You can make good money installing Christmas lights. Create a flyer and pass it around your neighborhood. You’ll probably be turning down business before you know it.

House Cleaning Service

Offer house cleaning service. With family coming in from out of town, holiday parties, and just general holiday craziness, I don’t know a mom who couldn’t use some help cleaning her home. Offer holiday house cleaning services and set your schedule to fit your holiday plans.


Offer catering services. Are you a great cook? Consider offering catering services. Out of town guests, holiday parties, and other events mean there are plenty of opportunities for you to put your cooking skills to work.

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