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8 Benefits of Using a Content Writing Service

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Let’s discuss the benefits of using a content writing service. Adding content to your website improves your ranking in Google searches. Too many webmasters and small business owners try to add content on their own.

Writing for an online audience is different from the writing you learned in high school and college, so even if you consider yourself a good writer, you might not have the necessary skills to write for your website.

Writing takes time, and business owners who try to craft their own content take time away from their other important tasks. To stay focused on your business and get content on your website, you could try using a content writing service like WordAgents. They can do the writing for you while you work on your day job or side hustle.

What is WordAgents?

WordAgents is an up-and-coming content writing service that offers affordable, high-quality content. They provide templates so that anyone can plan an article for their professional writers. Once you send your article requests to WordAgents, their top-notch writers take over and get the job done.

Experienced Writers

After using a content writing service, WordAgents, for several articles, I can say that I’ve always been satisfied with the results. Their writers conduct thorough research and craft pieces that drive traffic to our site. They follow your instructions and meet the topic, word count, and style needs. The writers also check for spelling and grammar errors as well as plagiarism issues.

What I like the most about WordAgents is that their writers are native English speakers from North America. You don’t have to worry about non-native English speakers trying to make sense of the complicated language filled with exceptions and idioms.

Pricing Structure

What we like about WordAgents is its affordability. Compared to other writing services, they are one of the most reasonably priced. I’ve used other content writing services, and for the money, WordAgents has some of the best writers, too.

WordAgent’s pricing model allows clients to buy credits in bulk, then redeem them for content pieces like press releases, blogs, and articles. You can buy credits for as little as $0.06 per word. You can cash in the credits when you need them, so you can strategically update your website with timely pieces rather than fill it all at once with pieces that fall out of date.

WordAgents employs a large team of writers who can deliver up to 10,000 words per week. That much content can draw attention to your website. The writers can deliver that content within a week, which means you can have timely articles to optimize your website regularly.

Content Optimization Experts

The writers know how to optimize content. They write blogs that look good on the screen without massive blobs of text. They optimize around your keywords, and their writers can use your optimization tools. Their experienced writers do not stuff keywords, and they seem to have a solid understanding of how to optimize to meet Google’s needs.

Whether you have one keyword or a page full of them, the writers at WordAgents can optimize your content to meet your needs. Better yet, everything they write is 100% unique. If a piece of writing does not meet your needs, you can request up to two reasonable revisions.

Why Use a Content Writing Agency Like WordAgents

If the idea of paying for writing seems excessive, consider what a content-writing agency can do for you.

Lets You Focus on Your Business

The number one reason for hiring a content writing agency is that you save time. When you write for your website, the last thing you want is shoddy work. Good writing takes time, and as a business owner, your time is valuable. If you are an inexperienced writer, you might waste hours crafting one blog post, and that’s before you optimize it and post it.

Like the ones at WordAgents, content writers do this for a living, so they know how to write effectively and efficiently.

Content writers don’t just write; they also conduct research. They can find quality sources and reliable facts that give your website credibility. They know the secrets to content writing and optimization, so you can spend your time doing what you do best – working on your business.

Adds Consistency To Your Website

Writing agencies like WordAgents have style guides for their writers. When you hire a content agency, you don’t have to create your own style guide, but you get the benefit of having a consistent style.

Along with consistency in style, WordAgents’ content looks good on the page. Online readers appreciate easy-to-read content, so if your content looks good on the screen, they will come back for more.

Plenty of Content Forms

Content comes in various forms, and content agencies, like WordAgents, know how to write them all. Whether you need a series of how-to blogs or a collection of product descriptions, WordAgents can do it.

Content writing services can help you with online writing like lengthy product guides, listicles, website content, and creative blogs. You decide what you need, and the writers get it done. They understand the questions to ask, so they can craft what you need in a week or less.

You can even hire content writers to rewrite content that has become outdated. We’ve hired content writers to do this for us, and the updated content made our website look modern and refined.

Measure Marketing ROI

By using a content writing service, you know what you are spending on content marketing. You can then watch that content do its magic by optimizing your website on Google and drawing more traffic to your products or services. The goal of any content is to drive traffic. You can test the effectiveness of your content by watching for a few metrics:

  • An uptick in website traffic
  • How often viewers shared or engaged with your content
  • The number of views your content receives
  • An increase in sales since posting new content

Remember that it takes time for content to begin showing up as a return on investment. Your loyal customers will remain loyal, and quality content will eventually drive new customers to your site. You might have to wait up to six months before your content starts to drive traffic.

See Examples

Before you hire any content writing agency, you should look at what they have done for other clients. WordAgents shares some examples from real clients on their website, so all you have to do is visit those websites and look at their content.

Read the writing to see if you find it compelling. Notice how it looks on the page and how the organization of the writing. If you like what you see, the content agency can do the same thing for you, but remember the writers don’t put the content on the website. That is the job of the business and their webmasters.

The Benefits of Using a Content Writing Service Speak for Themselves

After using a content writing service, WordAgents, for several projects, we have been happy with the work they’ve sent to us. They have high standards for their writers and the projects they complete. They put the customer first, and it shows through the work they delivered for us.

We recommend setting a budget, choosing keywords, and deciding on ideal blog lengths. Then, set a schedule for posting your content and stick to it. Start small with a few posts and watch what happens, and you should see small successes with increased traffic and more sales. Soon, you’ll be writing reviews about your favorite content writing service.


Robert B Foster

Robert B. Foster is an award-winning international speaker, mental health advocate, and host of the hit podcast Shut Up and GRIND where he inspires guests to share their stories of trauma, survival and defying the odds.

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