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Be a Successful Side Hustle Entrepreneur in 7 Steps

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Being a successful side hustle entrepreneur requires the right mix of dedication, creativity, hard work and frankly some good habit-forming and luck. Here are seven habits of successful entrepreneurs that you should start to integrate into your life.

1. More Reading

One of the things that most successful side hustle entrepreneurs have in common is that they are voracious readers. From news articles and think pieces to non-fiction books about business and books for pleasure, adding more reading into your life is something that everyone can do. Consider reading during your lunch break or incorporating some reading time into your bedtime routine. Let’s face it, if some of the most successful entrepreneurs can make time for reading, so can you.

2. Getting Enough Sleep

While it might seem like the key to being successful is less sleep, that’s not actually true. The most successful side hustle entrepreneurs make sure to prioritize sleep. The better and more consistent sleep you get, the better your mood and productivity will be during the day. Make sure that your bedroom is relaxing and that you have developed a good bedtime routine. Set a dedicated time for putting away screens and aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night.

3. Create and Protect Relaxation Time

Burnout is a real and present threat to entrepreneurs. You can only be productive for some many hours and days in a row. Successful entrepreneurs make sure they schedule time for relaxation. They take time to unplug and dedicate time to their hobbies. They exercise, read, and spend time with family and friends. The world will keep spinning without you checking your email every five seconds. Carve out time to relax and keep it.

4. Focus on Tasks with the Highest Value

Everyone has 24 hours in the day, so how is it that it seems that successful side hustle entrepreneurs get so much more done? They focus on the highest value tasks first. Stay connected to your team but don’t get in the weeds with smaller tasks. Focus on the work that is going to deliver the biggest ROI. If you are a team of one, do the task that will deliver the biggest pay off first and then get the smaller tasks done. You’ll be more productive without that big task hanging over your head.

5. Setting Clear Goals

You’ve heard that the right way to set a goal is to set a big goal and then break it out into smaller goals. Setting those big goals is an important part of being a successful side hustle entrepreneur. Make sure your big goal is clear and that it has a set date that you want to achieve it by. Break that big goal into smaller goals and then start to work through each of those smaller goals. Before you know it, that big goal will be accomplished.

6. Build a Network

The world is way more connected than we ever think it is. Chances are, you are going to stumble into that person you met that one time at a party who worked at one of the big companies in your city. Focus on building networks and connections. Successful side hustle entrepreneurs know that it is always good to know people in a variety of jobs and industries. They become powerful directories to lean on when you least expect them.

7. Don’t Fear Failure

If you are afraid of failing, you will never be a successful side hustle entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs set big goals and those big goals sometimes seem almost set up to fail. This can sometimes be the push you need to really motivate yourself to reach that goal. Remember, fall down five times, stand up six. You’ve got this.

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Robert B Foster

Robert B. Foster is an award-winning international speaker, mental health advocate, and host of the hit podcast Shut Up and GRIND where he inspires guests to share their stories of trauma, survival and defying the odds.

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