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9 Obvious Signs You Are Not Valued At Work

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You are more than a paycheck, and you deserve more than a paycheck. When you feel that your 9-to-5 is unstable or there is a sudden change that indicates to you your job is in jeopardy, you may be tempted to seek alternative options. Follow your temptation – empower yourself, own your talents and skills, and begin networking.

Here Are 9 Obvious Signs You Are Not Valued At Work

They don’t keep you informed

It’s been months or even years since you’ve been “in the know” or since you have been recognized for your work. Teams are called teams for a reason. In order to be effective, you need time from them. It may help to take a step back and consider what’s preventing your manager or coworkers from making time.

You are paid below market average

This frequently happens in the corporate world, but employees are often too scared to confront it. New hires can frequently begin getting paid close to the same wages as 10-year employees. Take advantage of anonymous sites to compare salaries and others like Comparably. If you’re not being compensated appropriately for your work, it’s more than just your work being undervalued, you’re not being valued as a human.

They make personnel changes

Moving management or indications of reorganizing frontline staff, especially when those changes aren’t communicated to you. That can be hard on your self-esteem and general outlook at work. If someone below you or with less experience than you got a promotion over you, it may be because your workplace does not value your work. If someone below you or with less experience than you got a promotion over you, it may be because your workplace does not value your work.

Management no longer engages

When management stops interacting with employees or begins to speak about employees as a group, rather than individuals, it’s a good indicator you’re not valued. “Great job on that project!” How often do you hear things like at work? If you can’t recall the last time, then it may be time for a gut check. You should feel like your work is seen and acknowledged.

No grievances, please

If you no longer can share concerns or constructive criticism. Good employers listen to their employee’s feedback and take action. There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and harmful comments at work. You need the former to grow, and the latter just needs to go. If you’re getting negative comments that are hurtful, that’s not ok. Everyone should feel safe and respected at their place of work.

The office is in terrible condition

Failing to repair, clean, or update the office furniture and environment is a good indicator your employer does not care. For many people, work can be like a second home. You spend the majority of your waking hours dedicated to your work. Your co-workers and team may likely be the people you interact with most in your life, after family or a spouse.

You are silenced

Workplaces that are led with fear are toxic. If you cannot share how you really feel, it’s not a healthy environment. Or maybe you get interrupted, talked over, shut down, or penalized for speaking out in meetings. If you feel like you’re being interrupted in meetings or feeling undervalued at work, you very well might be.

Do more with less

Expecting employees to work extra hours without benefit or gratitude and expecting to reach goals without offering resources is a common sign of a careless employer. If you’re trying to do your job well but your company refuses to give you the tools, support, and resources you need to do it, it may mean that they don’t see your potential or are not prioritizing your work and don’t want to invest the time or money.

Your company makes a huge change, and just tells you and others to “deal with it”

These changes are often financial-related such as layoffs and can have a huge negative impact on morale. If a company is not living up to its public mission and values internally, it’s time to move on.

You deserve an environment that acknowledges you for your efforts, keeps you informed, and treats you with respect. If you need to make a change and are tired of answering to the corporate world, consider establishing a side hustle that leads to a full-time gig. Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding “jobs” out there because you do what you love and love what you do. If you’re looking for a side hustle to start, check out our comprehensive list!

You might be wondering, ”how to deal with feeling undervalued at work” or “what to do when feeling undervalued at work”, there are many people who suffer the same situation. But the good news is that you don’t have to tackle them alone; you’ve got resources and people you can talk to about what you’re feeling.


Robert B Foster

Robert B. Foster is an award-winning international speaker, mental health advocate, and host of the hit podcast Shut Up and GRIND where he inspires guests to share their stories of trauma, survival and defying the odds.

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