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SIDE HUSTLE Personalities

Have you taken our Side Hustle Personality Quiz yet? We developed the Side Hustle Personality Quiz in order to help people find their ideal side hustle based on their personality profile. This is a work in progress, we’ll continue to add and refine details. Also, don’t let this list limit you – it’s supposed to help guide you, not prevent you from trying new things!

The Personality Types

We’ve identified 4 side hustle archetypes. They are:


The Digital Hustler

Digital hustlers have the ability to take the lead and are natural entrepreneurs. They can easily make decisions, guide clients or customers and are problem solvers. The often like to work alone but can also work with others, frequently taking charge. They like remote work and are sometimes digital nomads. They are self-reliant and enjoy helping others.

Some possible side hustles for the digital hustler are:


The Face-to-Face Hustler

The face-to-face hustler enjoys talking to people and in-person side hustle opportunities. They are good at motivating customers and clients and helping to envision projects. They network well with others and their work may include task-oriented projects, generally those that require some specialized skills.

Some possible side hustles for the face-to-face hustler are:


The Sales Product Hustler

The sales product hustler is a relationship builder who excels at negotiation and promotion. They are dedicated to their work and reach their goals. They are also good at customer service and managing difficult situations. Furthermore, they are organized and understand the process.

Some possible side hustles for the sales product hustler are:


The Gig Hustler

The gig hustler likes to do one-off tasks and move on to the next. They like to have step-by-step instructions to complete their work without the need for managing complicated processes. While they may interact with people, they have many opportunities to avoid human interaction with gig work. They are thorough and dependable.

Some possible side hustles for the gig hustler are: