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11 Successful Side Hustle Mobile Apps for Freelancers

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11 Successful Side Hustle Mobile Apps for Freelancers

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that there are a variety of ways to make some extra money by only using your phone and other mobile devices. The apps, websites, and other resources in this article are all tested and proven to be convenient to use and earn from. The list covers easy-to-use survey apps, in-person freelance opportunities, If you have the extra time while watching TV or in-between jobs and looking for some freelance work, these apps are the perfect way to earn some extra cash with only a bit of effort.

Easy-To-Use Apps


The Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter is an app that runs in the background of user’s phones and counts their steps throughout the day. The app is simple to use and easily converts steps into “Sweatcoins”, which can then be redeemed for rewards on the app. There are always a variety of reward options to choose from, including bath and body products, gift cards, and Paypal payouts. The app also allows users to donate their earnings to charities if they choose to. Rewards and charities on the app change often, meaning there’s always plenty of options for all types of users.

Gaining on this app may seem like a long process but it’s relatively easy. There are also ways to earn extra bonuses on the Sweatcoin app including daily AD videos and referring friends to the app.

Mobile Survey Apps

Zap Surveys

Zap Surveys is a survey taking app that rewards users for completing surveys. This app doesn’t provide quick or high revenue, but depending on how many surveys users complete, they can cash out using Paypal once they reach the minimum cash limit on the app. Qualifying for the “value” surveys can be difficult, so, it’s best to stick with the “Take Surveys” section, which gives more basic surveys to users on the Zap Surveys app. The use of Zap Surveys can also help users get invited to participate in more online focus groups, depending on the time and effort put into the surveys taken.

Earnings aren’t made incredibly quickly on Zap Surveys, but the more time spent on surveys, the more payouts you’ll receive. Zap Surveys, like most, have criteria for users answering specific surveys, so you may not always qualify. The app is, overall, easy and convenient to use.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a personal favorite due to the simplicity and convenience of the app. Login is easy and the app runs in the background, having your notifications on is important, though, as surveys only last for twenty-four-hours.

The Google Opinion Rewards app runs in the background of your phone and tracks your location, it’s important to allow this setting. As it does this, it generates short surveys about stores and businesses that you visit, paying .15-.95 cents per survey. The surveys are relatively frequent, and quick payout is redeemable through a linked Paypal account. Since the app is connected to your Google account, surveys are also generated based off your recent Google searches. Surveys average around 3-6 questions, which take about two minutes to complete.

Getting Paid for Photos


An easy and fun money-making app is Foap, where you can sell your photos for money. Users can explore photos from around the world to see what’s popular, then they can post on their own. Photos are bought by other users on the app for various uses on websites, social media, and more. Pictures posted onto Foap must be original and unedited.

The photos on Foap vary but mostly consist of animals, landscapes, and aesthetic photos. Foap also hosts photo contests on the app frequently, giving users more chances to win bonuses. Users can also earn extra bonuses by connecting with other creators on the Foap app and adding other user’s content to their album on their Foap profile. This helps creators connect, promote, and support each other’s work on the app.


Snapchat is a popular social media app and now, they’re giving users an amazing opportunity to earn rewards for submitted photos. Similar to Tiktok, Snapchat wanted to give users and easy opportunity to reward from their creativity. Based on views and interactions with posted videos on Snapchat, they are giving thousands of dollars in payouts to the top videos and pictures posted in the “Spotlight” section of Snapchat.

This new project by Snapchat has changed the lives of many users, as there’s no need to worry about follower counts or likes. Unlike most platforms, Snapchat Spotlight doesn’t display public view of likes or shares, so posts don’t seem like as much on a contest. The more popular a video is, the more potential it has to make money. Videos must be appropriate and posted directly from the Snapchat app.

In-Person Money-Making Apps

The apps in this list require more time from freelancers, as they involve in-person projects and provided services, but they are all relatively easy to use for freelancers who have the time to work on longer, but more profitable, jobs.


If you have relevant experience with animals, Rover could be the perfect side gig for you. Worker on Rover can provide a variety of services, including dog walking, dog-boarding, doggy daycare, grooming, and home drop-ins. The sign-up process is relatively quick and involves some basic questions about you, your home, and the type of care and services that you can provide. When services are needed, clients on the app will be able to view different Rover workers in their area. When starting out as a new animal caretaker on Rover, it’s best to keep your prices low, in order to build up some reviews, and trust in new clients.

Reviews as visible to clients on the Rover app, as well as any of your clients who have used your services more than once. As an animal caretaker you can also set your schedule and availability which allows clients on the app to see if you’re available at the time they’re in need of your services. Typically, more flexible caretakers are likely to get more requests from clients.


If you’re looking to make quick cash and have the skills and time for an in-person shift, Pared is a great app to use. Pared lists local restaurant jobs including dishwashing, cooking, event serving, and more. Most shifts last a full eight hours but are one-time jobs, meaning you’re paid on the spot for your services. Some job positions require specific skill exams to be taken before allowing users to apply, but most positions are simple and require minimal work.

The variety of available gigs change throughout the week, so freelance workers can often find jobs that they’re interested in applying for. Pared provides quick and easy payout for completed jobs and is a great way to discover new opportunities.

Shopping for Money


If you’re someone who enjoys a bit of shopping, and need to make some extra money, Shipt could be the right app for you. Shipt allows you to set your own hours and choose the jobs you complete. As shoppers send orders into stores that are local to your area, Shipt will display them on a list. The descriptions include the store the order was placed to, the number of products, when delivery is needed, and the payout for that shopping job. Users can claim orders and complete as little or as many as they’d like each day.

Tips are also given frequently, helping shoppers earn a bit more for their time. Once shoppers on Shipt complete ten orders, they can claim multiple orders per hour. If a shopper is comfortable with multiple orders, this is a great way to increase earnings and payouts on Shipt.

Instacart Shopper

Instacart Shopper is remarkably similar to the Shipt app, but Instacart is a slightly more preferred app to Shipt. Instacart has a bit of a higher payout for jobs and often includes a wider variety of stores for buyers to order from, resulting in more jobs for shoppers on the Instacart app. Occasionally, buyers will send in orders to more than one store. These jobs pay more, as they require more time, but they can be worthwhile if you have the time.


Observa is a secret shopper app available for users in the United States and Canada. For shoppers who have a bit of time to take some photos and answers a few questions while they’re out shopping, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash.

Stores with tasks in local areas are marked on a map featured on the app. When visiting these stores, there are different tasks that users can earn money for completing. Usually these tasks take about twenty-minutes to complete, and the payout is around five to ten dollars per completed task. Users can redeem their payouts easily via Paypal.

Freelance Delivery

DoorDash Delivery

If freelancers are okay with a bit of driving, DoorDash Delivery may be the perfect app to earn some extra money on the side. DoorDash Delivery allows approved delivery drivers to claim and deliver meals on the app. Most deliveries on DoorDash have a payout of $10-$15. Customers frequently give tips, so it’s easy to make a decent amount each day, depending on the time you put into claiming orders and delivery.

Bigger cities tend to have more orders placed, but that doesn’t mean that drivers in smaller areas won’t be able to get orders. If there’s a restaurant in your area, DoorDash probably has a couple orders for you to claim each hour. Receiving payout from DoorDash is relatively easy and the overall process of delivering for DoorDash is convenient and fun.

Ways for Freelancers to Promote Their Services and Connect

Side Hustle

Much like the Fiverr website, and app, the Side Hustle app is a platform where freelancers and entrepreneurs can offer their services, promote their businesses, and connect with others. There is a variety of services offered on the Side Hustle app, including tutoring, lawn care, pet care, graphic design, and much more. The app keeps users within their local community so services provided by freelancers and entrepreneurs can be done remotely or in-person. Communication on the app is secure and can be done over either text or voice.

The Side Hustle app can be beneficial to freelancers and entrepreneurs trying to increase their outreach and gain new customers. The app allows users to set their profiles up as they’d like and helps to improve reputation and connections.


The Connectful app doesn’t necessarily give earnings, but it’s a great way for freelancers and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and gain more knowledge. Connectful allows users to create a profile and explain the type of work they enjoy, and who they’re looking to connect with. Users on the app can swipe through profiles and request to match with anyone who sparks their interest, then allowing them to share ideas on different, and typically highly creative, entrepreneurship opportunities.

These connections can open a wide variety of opportunities for freelancers and entrepreneurs on the Connectful app. It’s always helpful to have other people to bounce ideas off and gain further knowledge on entrepreneurship.

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