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Ibotta App – Earn Cash Back The Easy Way (2021)

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Couponing and cash-back rewards are a great way to save and earn a bit on the side. As most people don’t typically enjoy cutting and organizing coupons, and stores around the world are slowly revolutionizing the world of online shopping. Shoppers are beginning to resort to mobile couponing and rewards apps, like the Ibotta app, which help them earn and save without the hassle of physical coupons.

Ibotta is a free mobile app for couponing and cash-back rewards on certain purchases. Ibotta can be found in the App Store of most iOS and Android devices. Ibotta works with over three-hundred stores including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and many more. Shoppers who use Ibotta can earn cash-back rewards on products by purchasing the product and then providing proof of purchase via photos or linked accounts.

Cash back at Favorite Retailers

The Ibotta app is easy to use and has been increasing in popularity over the years. With Ibotta, shoppers can choose selected products on the app that they’d like to purchase for cash-back. After making the purchase of the product from the selected store, shoppers then provide a receipt of their purchase and scan the barcode on any of the products that have redeemable cash-back rewards.

Most stores on Ibotta have a bonus of .25 cents available for any purchase made from the store, making it easy to claim a bit here and there, even if you aren’t buying other select products on the app. Cash-back earnings vary from .25 cents to around $6 depending on the product. Shoppers can choose cash-back products from stores in their area, helping them plan their grocery list and keeping rewards quick and convenient.

If the stores in your area include online shopping, and shopping apps, Ibotta can connect straight to the shopping app to help further verify any purchases made. Online shopping cash-back rewards are also available from platforms including Amazon, Instacart, and Target. Typically, basic, everyday products are listed on Ibotta app, meaning it’s easy to earn rewards by purchasing products that you will eventually need and use, not just wasting money for the excitement of a reward.

Hygienic and personal care products typically have higher cash-back rewards than food items on Ibotta. Shoppers are also able to view selected products in a variety of filters including the best value, what’s popular, and categories of products in the store that shoppers can earn cash-back rewards on. Shoppers should also check out specific store offerings, as certain stores have offers that are limited to only that store.

When shoppers find a product on Ibotta app that they’d like to purchase for cash-back rewards, they can view the details and requirements before adding the item to their list. The product description includes the cash-back reward amount, the size requirements, if any, and how long shoppers on Ibotta must claim cash-back on the product before the listing expires. Offers on Ibotta that are set to expire within five days are flagged on the app, making it easy for shoppers to make any last-minute redemptions if needed.

A variety of selected products on the app allow users to purchase and redeem cash-back rewards for multiple rewards on the same product. Meaning, shoppers will be able to see the product limit, typically between three and five per product, and they can buy multiples of that product and redeem for each individual one. For example, a can of soup on the app has a limit of five. This means, the shopper can buy and redeem up to five cans of soup for cash-back rewards. Most products allow multiple rewards to be redeemed, and this is an easy way to quickly increase earnings.

Ibotta Cash Back Rewards

Ibotta’s “Store Extra’s” section is important to check, as it has specific offers depending on the store being viewed. Ibotta’s Amazon offerings are an extra bonus, giving 5% back for Amazon Devices and 3% back for Amazon Smart Home Devices. This isn’t something a shopper will typically go out and purchase just for the reward, but it’s something to keep in mind if you’re a fan of Amazon products. The Ibotta app also promotes bonuses and free trials given by Amazon.

Ibotta App Cash Back Rewards

When Ibotta shoppers are ready to redeem cash-back rewards from purchased products, they can go to the “Redeem” section of the app and select the store they’re redeeming their rewards from. Ibotta offers different methods for proving purchases. Shoppers can choose to submit photos of the receipt and barcodes of redeemable products for proof of purchase, although some find this a hassle, it’s better than cutting and scanning coupons.

Shoppers also have the choice to link their store loyalty cards to the app, which easily confirms their purchases. This is an easy method, especially shopping at Target. The third method for shoppers to verify their purchases is by making purchases in the app itself, allowing Ibotta to track all purchases made and instantly redeem the shopper’s rewards.

Redeeming Ibotta earnings is made convenient by deposits made straight to your banking account or PayPal, users on Ibotta also have the option to submit their earnings for a gift card reward. Inviting friends and family to the app is a great way to earn extra bonuses, each time someone signs up using your referral code, and begins redeeming on Ibotta, you receive ten dollars. Payout is available once shoppers reach twenty dollars on the Ibotta app.

There is a “Bonuses” section on the app which gives shopper’s additional ways to earn on Ibotta. Typically, the more active a shopper is, the more bonuses they receive, which improves the fun and quality of the app. User’s on the Ibotta app can view their earnings, and even lifetime earnings, from product rewards, bonuses, and invitations. Several grocery stores have become stricter on couponing, including the use of multiple coupon redemptions. Ibotta allows shoppers to make multiple redemptions on a variety of products, and the app is convenient, no scams and no confusion. The work to earn cash-back rewards can take some time and effort, but it’s an easy way to save and earn in your everyday life.


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