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Build Your Side Hustle On ETSY

0001 – Overview – Etsy and 0002 – Opening Your Etsy Account

Today we kick off a new video series to help you launch your side hustle. Etsy is a great place for people to start a side hustle and today we will provide an overview of the platform and how to get your account started.

0003 – Updating-Settings and 0004 – Seller Fees and Other Basics

Today we explore ETSY fundamentals, settings, fees and more.

0005 – Opening Your Shop and Starting Your Listing and 0006 – Item Listing – Part-2

Today in our Etsy series, we are going to open your shop and get your items listed.

0007 – Production Partner and 0008 – Item Listing – Part 3

We continue to dive in to Etsy today with looking at items and production.

0009 – Etsy Payment System and 0010 – Deactivating a Listing – Store Customization

Today on our Etsy Series, we explore Store Customization & Payments

0011 – Working with Canva to Create a Store Banner and 0012 – Creating Our Etsy Cover Photo

Today we look at how to make impactful cover photos for Etsy using Canva.

0013 – Shop Customizations and 0014 – Editing Shop Policies

Today let us dive in to customizing your Etsy Store and its policies.

0015 – Info and Apperance and 0016 – Edit About Your Shop

Today on our Etsy series we explore the appearance and key information for your site.

0017 – Etsy Account Options and 0018 – Shipping Policies

Today we dive in to options and shipping in our Etsy series.
0019 – Sell With Square In Person and 0020 – Conclusion

Today we wrap up our ETSY series, check it out.