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7 Remarkable Apps That Earn Money While Walking

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Apps That Earn Money While Walking

Today, there are various ways to make money while you’re on the go or simply exercising on the treadmill. Some apps pay you to walk, while other apps pay you for simple tasks that can be done while you’re taking a stroll.

No matter what type of smartphone you use, there are Android apps that earn money and iPhone apps that earn money.

Read on to find out more about the best Apple and Android apps that earn money while walking and how you can start earning today.

Dosh App

Cashback programs are popular today, as you don’t need to do anything but shop at your favorite stores and receive a small compensation for doing so. Stores team up with third-party apps all the time and earn a commission, then split it with you at no additional cost.

The Dosh App has rolled out an impressive structure that allows users to earn cash back on thousands of stores by connecting their credit or debit card. It’s best to connect with a credit card, especially if it has cashback rewards already, allowing you to “double-dip.”

Dosh rewards add up

Dosh App is infamous for offering users up to 40% off on hotel stays, which can provide incredible savings if you find the right deal.

People are flocking to Dosh because you don’t have to provide a receipt, just shop and collect points.Essentially, if you’re running errands and doing your regular shopping, you can earn extra money every month via PayPal cashout. Dosh app is available for iPhone and Android.


InboxDollars has been in the affiliate game for years and remains a top choice for those who want to earn money by walking or doing very little. For instance, you can watch videos or complete surveys while at the park or the gym.

Since its inception in 2000, InboxDollars has grown and has partnered with big names amongst consumers, such as Walmart.

Surveys have remained a popular way to make money from home, where companies gather data and insights on consumer behavior. All you have to do is answer surveys as truthfully as you can and earn cash.

InboxDollars is easiest to use online, but you can still complete videos and surveys through their Android and iPhone apps.


If you’re looking to work out and earn cash at the same time, consider the StepBet app.

Get a payout for meeting your weekly or daily physical goals while walking.

The only downside is that you have to deposit cash, as you are essentially betting you will meet your goals. If you do not meet them, you lose money.

However, it’s an excellent incentive for those who want to become more active while earning extra cash. Available for both iPhone and Android.


Are you looking to get paid for hanging out with dogs? Try Rover, which pays you to walk dogs and essential dog sit.

People love their furry friends and need someone to take care of them temporarily. It’s a booming business with lots of potential clients.

Dog Walking Jobs

You can earn up to $1,000 a month with Rover, which also allows cat services.

Potential clients sign up through the app and connect with you, where there’s negotiation and meetups. After you’re done walking the dog or dog sitting, you will be paid.

Field Agent

Mystery shopping has been around for years, making it one of the easiest ways to make extra money, especially while walking.

The Field Agent app connects consumers with companies to gather data and insights on consumer habits. Companies need the help of mystery shoppers to gain competitive advantages over their competition.

With your smartphone through the app, you collect photos, videos, intel about retailers, other shoppers, and products. You also complete surveys and tasks through the app and receive cash payments.


Are you an expert in your area that can show the best restaurants and attractions to tourists?

The Sidewalk app allows tourists and guides to connect, where you are the guide to showcase and inform others about a city or area.

For example, someone visiting Miami may want a tour of the best restaurants, Cuban coffee, and other popular foods with the locals. If you’re a long-time resident and familiar with the area and want to be paid for giving someone a tour, try the Sidewalk app.

You may set the time of your tours and how long they last, such as 30 minutes to 2 hours long. To earn money, you must receive tips, as Sidewalk is a free app. The Sidewalk app takes a small percentage of the tips.

In all, walking around town giving tourists knowledge for free while earning tips may become a lucrative side hustle.


If you live in a bustling, big city and love taking walks and enjoying your surroundings, consider using Foap.

The Foap app pays you for the photos you take.

First, you take photos around the city, beach, venue, or wherever. From there, people will pay for the license to use the photo, where you will net 50% of the profit. Earn payouts via PayPal.

Foap is available through the Android and iPhone app store, although the iPhone may be best suited for this app, where it also has much higher ratings.


The iBotta app allows you to earn cashback at the most popular grocery stores, meaning you can earn extra money while walking the store and shopping.

You can shop through the app if you don’t want to walk, earning cashback on delivered groceries or other goods.

Ibotta Shopping Rewards Cash

If you shop in-store, you will have to keep and upload the receipt to earn cashback. The online store requires a credit or debit card, where you’ll earn cash on participating products and retailers.

Today, iBotta has paid out over $860 million in cash back rewards with over 1,000 participating retailers. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.


Now that you’re aware of apps that earn money while walking—try them out! Most apps require no cost to use or sign up. Start earning extra cash today through various programs to boost your side hustle earnings. Be sure to check out our entire Apps That Earn series for more great mobile application ideas.


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