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9 Amazing Apps that Earn Money By Playing Games

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These days, we can all use a little extra cash. Of course, we can always go get a second job, play around with risky investments in the hopes of getting rich quickly, or sell off things we no longer need or want.

But what fun is any of that? Not to mention you’ll feel your time slipping away and your stress level rising.

Not to worry. Did you know there are apps that earn money by playing games? You won’t get rich, but you can make some decent side cash when you need it.

9 Apps that Earn Money By Playing Games

Each of these apps has certain ways of paying money when you play certain games. After careful research, these are our top nine apps that earn money by playing games.


Mistplay is one of the Android apps that earn money by playing games, and you do so by playing new games that are still in development and providing feedback to the developers. Each gaming session is anywhere from two to ten minutes. For each session, you earn points that have a cash equivalent of .66 cents.

You can start cashing out your points when you’ve earned five dollars worth. That’s a little above average, making it an excellent app for making some side money by playing games.


If you want an app with a variety of options for earning money, InboxDollars is a great way to go. Available for Android and on, it costs you nothing to sign up and lets you play games for cash.

Inbox Dollars Rewarded

You can also take surveys and watch videos for money. While InboxDollars does have a slightly below-average payout, you shouldn’t have any trouble making up for that with the sheer number of games and other activities you can do for money.


Available through Google Play, Playspot lets you download a game you like through the app, and then play it for money. Playspot rewards you either with Amazon gift cards or direct payments via PayPal.

Playspot bills itself as the best way to discover the best games available while making a little money on the side. Also, like InboxDollars, you can take surveys and do other things for money, too, plus you earn other rewards for playing games via this app.


If you want to test and review games in addition to playing them, Bananatic might be among the best money-making game apps out there. You get the chance to earn “bananas” for watching ads and taking surveys in addition to playing games.

Once you have enough “bananas,” you can trade them for access to prepaid games, Xbox and Playstation gift cards, and Steam wallet codes (gift codes for the Steam gaming platform). If those don’t tickle your fancy, you can also earn Amazon gift cards and buy things that aren’t game-related.

Bananatic also offers you the chance to meet like-minded people online. You can discuss gaming, the app, and anything else you have in common.

Brain Battle

Do you enjoy brain teasers and math questions in rapid-fire succession? Brain Battle, which is one of the money making apps available on both Android and iPhone, could give your mind the stimulation you crave along with the extra dollars you’re looking for.

When you play, you earn tickets and enter drawings for cash prizes. You do need one ticket before you can enter any of the drawings, but the more tickets you have and drawings you enter, the more likely it is you’ll win the grand prize.

Long Game

Long Game is a different type of gaming app that earns you money. When you deposit money the way you would into a savings account, you get coins that you then use to play games and win rewards.

Long Game Saving

You earn 0.1 percent APY on the money you deposit. While the average APY for such accounts is 1.0 percent, Long Game’s is so low because the rest of that is what funds their jackpots. In addition to playing games, you get the chance to win jackpots that are anywhere from $100 to $1,000,000.

Solitaire Cube

Who among us hasn’t whiled away hours upon hours playing solitaire on our phones and computers (especially at work when we aren’t supposed to)? Now you can earn cash when you’re busy whiling away hours somewhere.

Solitaire Cube is solitaire, but faster, you get to play against other people, and you get paid to do it. The game pairs you with people who have your general skill level so the game remains fair and you remain challenged.

You can practice in the Practice League and get paid in Z-coins. When you’re ready, you can move to the Pro League and play for real cash in one-on-one games and tournaments.


Givling has some serious payouts for playing a free trivia game; on the order of four, sometimes five digits. If you have student loan debt or other medium-sized debts you’d like to get rid of, Givling may be an excellent app for you.

If you play ten trivia games within a given 30-day period, you get entered into the monthly $10,000 drawing.

Givling Crowdsource Funding

You can also join Givling’s queue for mortgage and student loan payouts. At the top of the queue, which you attain by participating in sponsorship ads and the like, you get a shot at winning $50,000 to put towards your mortgage or student loan debt.


If you’re looking for an app with a wide array of ways to earn money, check out Swagbucks. You can play games, but you can also take surveys, watch videos, and get paid to shop. If you decide you’re done with games for a while, you can switch over to surveys, or you can choose to do a little of everything.

Final Thoughts

Want to earn money on the side by playing games online? These apps that earn money by playing games will help you out. You probably won’t earn a living income, but in these times, anything you can make on the side is a big help. Be sure to check out our entire Apps That Earn series for more great mobile application ideas.


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