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4 Amazon Affiliate SEO Tips For Better Google Ranking

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4 Amazon Affiliate SEO Tips for Better Google Ranking

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms selling over 12 million items. It’s one platform sellers can’t afford to ignore, and neither can you.
However, for your Amazon affiliate website to make money, it must have enough traffic, and people must click on your affiliate links.
But this doesn’t just happen.
Your content needs to be well optimized for a better Google ranking. If you’re unsure where to start, below are some Amazon affiliate SEO tips you can use to boost your Google ranking.

1. Original, High-Quality Content

Your content, including images, videos, and what have you, should be original and high-quality.
Create content available on several other sites, and you risk giving Google no reason to feature it more on search results. But if your content is unique, Google recognizes it as such, and users are more likely to find your listings.
Original, high-quality content is an SEO technique that serves both Google and the end user’s needs.
Remember, while Google wants to show search results that best match its users’ search queries, users stay on sites that best answer their questions. So the only way to meet both the user and Google’s requirements is with original, high-quality content.
In addition to original, high-quality content, remember to format the text for readability and improved user experience. Here are a few ways you can improve the user experience:
• Optimize images, pictures, headlines, and lists for Google.
• When it comes to images, you should store them in a compressed file format, preferably JPEG, and keep the file size small to avoid slowing down the download speed. You should also ensure the image file name and alt text contains the keyword.
• Use one keyword or keyword phrase per article or blog post.
• Ensure your text is specific. The more specific and detailed content is, the more relevant Google believes it is. What happens then is, you become better placed to rank higher in search results for that keyword phrase.
That said, avoid writing for Google. Instead, create your content with your human readers in mind.

2. Keep Loading Time Down

Everybody wants a website that loads quickly, and, interestingly, so does Google.
Yes, Google and other search engines place significant emphasis on short loading times. And users favor websites with fast loading times because it contributes to a great user experience.
Therefore, it’s essential to optimize your website performance for speed.

4 Amazon Affiliate SEO Tips For Better Google Ranking

The good news is, there are tools you can use (such as Google PageSpeed Insights and Webpagetest) to check your website’s loading speed.
Image sizes, theme, and the web-hosting service are three factors that most impact a website’s loading speed.
To find out what’s slowing down your website, you can use Google’s speed checker tool and then address each issue outlined.
Something else you can do to speed up loading time is to use “caching.”
Caching helps store and serve images and data more efficiently. WordPress has plug-ins (like WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, and W3 Total Cache) you can use to employ caching processes.

3. Add Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

As an affiliate marketer, you should always include a meta title and meta description for each page and article.
But what exactly are a meta title and meta description?
The meta title is the text a search engine shows as search results. In Google, it’s displayed in the search results in blue. And although Google doesn’t limit the length, a title exceeding 60 characters gets truncated automatically.
Below the meta title is the meta description, which Google limits to 160 characters. Exceeding the maximum limit will result in it being shortened, which can negatively impact your website’s CTR (click-through rate).
Adding a meta title and meta description helps improve rankings and also provides a preview of the page.
However, the title and description must be relevant to your page and encourage users to click on your link. Otherwise, if a user exits your website upon clicking on your link and not finding what they were searching for, it can hurt your ranking in search results.
WordPress has plug-ins like Yoast SEO and WP Meta SEO available to set the meta title and meta description for each page and see how Google displays it in the search results.

4. Use Keywords

For Amazon, keywords are the words and phrases (search terms) people type into the Amazon search bar to search for an item.
One of the most crucial Amazon affiliate SEO tips is to get these keywords right and then use them and their variations and synonyms throughout your content.
The more Amazon keywords you use, the better the chances of people finding your listing.
So how do you get the right keywords?
One way to do that is to find the keywords with a high search volume in your niche. For example, if you’re selling rugs, no doubt you want people searching “rugs” to find you. However, the search term “rugs” is too broad and competitive.
The solution is to use a long-tail keyword.
Long-tail keywords tend to be more specific and focused on buyer intent, making them especially suitable for affiliate keyword research.
Although long-tail keywords have less competition and search volume, you should never underestimate these. People searching using these keywords are most likely to convert into buyers because, interestingly, the closer a person is to buying, the more specific their search phrases tend to be.
Ensure you include the main keyword and its synonyms and variations in the main text, headings, and any lists you use in your post.
That said, keyword density is no longer the mantra for good Google rankings, so there is no need to overdo the use of these. Rather, instead of stuffing your content with keywords, focus on preserving a natural writing style.

Rank Better with Amazon Affiliate SEO Tips

Now you have a better understanding of some Amazon affiliate SEO tips you can use to help you rank better on Google. Go ahead and apply these tips to rank better on Google and enjoy higher traffic, more click-through, and conversions.

4 Amazon Affiliate SEO Tips For Better Google Ranking


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